What to Expect When Buying a Home

When you are ready to buy a home, or are just beginning to think about a move, we encourage you to reach out and start the conversation. You don’t need to be completely ready to go; in fact, we assume you have questions and concerns about your next steps. As your real estate advocates, we take a consultative approach and are happy to discuss your options and give you ideas.

If you haven’t bought in a while, have never bought before, or if you are a seasoned purchaser or investor, we have you covered!

The market is constantly changing, so the market or process of yesterday isn’t exactly what you will encounter today. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  • Your Goals, Wants, and Needs – We start with gaining an understanding what you are looking for, why you want to move, your goals for your new place, and any other important information. Then we create a home search plan that is right for you!
  • Get Pre-Approved – Meeting with a lender and getting pre-approved are two of the best things you can do to get prepared. We have lenders with great reputations and products to refer to you, or you are welcome to find your own.
  • Understand the Market – When you are ready to search, we will educate you on what is happening in the market in the price point and the area you are looking in. This will help you understand how fast you need to make decisions and can help you be more comfortable with what you might find when searching.
  • Search – Depending on how fast the market is moving, we may need to look at homes the day they hit the market, or we may be able to take a more leisurely approach. In either case, we will discuss how you want to be notified of new listings that meet your needs and work together to determine a schedule of communication and viewing homes.
  • Offer and Negotiations – When we have our initial meeting and once you get pre-approved, we will have a good understanding of what you want, what you need, and your budget. Before you make an offer, we will review all the forms and documents so you can be comfortable with all the components of the offer. If the seller sends a counteroffer, we will negotiate on your behalf.

Once we have a mutually-accepted offer, that is when we really get to work! There are a number of deadlines and contingencies that will need to be met. We will keep your transaction on track through the inspection, appraisal, title, escrow and more. When you work with us, you are in great hands!